Dynamic Buttons for WordPress

IP Hero Changer transforms user engagement by instantly adapting button colors based on IP and seamlessly tracking click-through rates.

Complete Button Performance Plugin

Transform your website with the IP Hero Changer plugin. Customize the First button color dynamically based on user location and effortlessly track CTR. The complete solution for optimizing user engagement.

Elevate your button performance

IP Hero Changer plugin instantly enhances how your button performs on your website. It does this by adjusting the color dynamically, taking into account the locations of your visitors. This means your buttons will naturally suit the varied preferences of your audience.
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Empower Your Insights and Visualize

Unlock a wealth of data through interactive charts that vividly illustrate user engagement, click-through rates, and more. Gain actionable insights effortlessly, making informed decisions to optimize your digital strategy. Elevate your control with a visualized pathway to success, right at your fingertips.
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Plugin Support

Need assistance with our plugin? Reach out to our dedicated support team through the contact form below. We’re here to help you with any questions, technical issues, or customization requests.

IP Hero Changer Features

A/B testing for the first button in the hero section.
Customization options include region, country, and city.
Dynamically change the color of the first button based on the visitor’s IP.
Monitor the click-through rates directly from your admin dashboard.

Boost Your Click-Through Rates

Exceptional Performance Metrics
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